Ethics and morality in Sweden

Omtanke, the Swedish word for thoughtfulness and consideration for others, is a concept that characterizes the entire Swedish culture. In the following video we will illustrate the importance of ethics and morality in the Swedich business world.

Define the goal of a meeting in Sweden

Swedes go to a meeting to find consensus. This can be a time-consuming process that quite often requires more than one single meeting. How to deal with this special Swedish attitude when striving to achieve a decision by consensus is topic of the following video.

Presents for Swedish business partners

Small presents preserve a friendship. This also applies to Sweden even in business circles. But be careful gifts mustn’t be too expensive otherwise you might be suspected of attempting a bribe. So what are you supposed to give your Swedish business partners? Watch our next video!

Contracts in Sweden

In the following video we are going to have a closer look at the Swedish perspective on contracts and their meaning in daily business. We will find out why there are often missunderstandings in intercultural cooperations when signing a contract.

Dress code in Sweden

Click on the play button of our next video and you will find out which dress code applies on which occasions in the Swedish business world and what you need to pay attention to!

Facial expressions and gestures in Sweden

Did you know that some Swedes draw air between their lips to make a certain sound meaning “yes”? And that your business partner’s shoulders are absolutely taboo? So better avoid any form of well-meant patting or tapping! These and more information about your Swedish business partners you’ll find in our video clip “Facial expressions and gestures in Sweden”.

First business appointment in Sweden

Swedish business people make their decisions as a team. What does that mean for you? And did you know that in the Swedish business world everyone uses first names? Watch the following video “First business appointment in Sweden” to find out more about your Swedish business partners!

Meetings in Sweden

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