Romanian working style

What are the characteristics of the Romanian style of work? How can you contribute to leading a collaboration with a Romanian team towards success? Learn more in the following video!

Negotiations in Romania

How do Romanians conduct negotiations? What should you pay attention to when aiming at a mutual agreement? How do you strengthen the business relationship in order to achieve a good price? Learn more in our next video.

Cirticism and conflicts in Romania

Romanians think and act people and relationship oriented. They might be tough in business, but are always gentle to the person. That is why they avoid conflicts and debates in public. Find out more about voicing criticism and solving conflicts in Romania in the following video.

Dress code in Romania

Which dress code applies for men, which dress code for women in the Romanian business? Which factors can influence a predominant dress code? Find the right answers in the following video.

Presentations in Romania

Fact-oriented on the one hand side and emotional on the other. That is the secret for a successful presentation that convinces your Romanian audience. Find out more in the following video.

Delegations to/from Romania

What do your Romanian business partners expect when visiting your company? And what can you expect when your delegation is travelling to Romania? Learn more in the following video about the Romanian preparations for a delegation.