Facial expressions and gestures in Poland

How do you keep your fingers crossed for your Polish business partner? How do you clink glasses? These questions and many more will be answered in our video “Facial expressions and gestures in Poland”.

First business appointment in Poland

Can you expect work results from your first business meeting in Poland? Does talking about private matters give an unprofessional impression? Find out some key facts about the Polish business culture in our video “First business meeting in Poland”.

Meetings in Poland

Are you prepared that probably your Polish business partners won’t follow the agenda? And who pays for the business meal in a restaurant after the meeting? In our video “Meetings in Poland” we explain all the details of the Polish meeting etiquette.

Presentations in Poland

What should you wear when presenting in front of a Polish audience? Should you always be using PowerPoint and flipchart? Can you assume that a presentation in Poland will be held in English? Learn more about the relevant preparation and skills in our video “Presentations in Poland”.

Visitors from Poland

Did you know that in Poland guests not only bring a gift but also receive a gift? Which topics are to be avoided at all costs when making small talk? Find out more about your Polish guests and their expectations in our video “Visitors from Poland”.

Dress codes in Poland

What is the correct dress code both for men and women in the Polish business circles? And what role do status symbols play? Find our more in the following video.

Agenda and minutes in Poland

Agendas and minutes have their place in the Polish business culture, however, they shouldn’t be overrated. Paper is patient, as the Polish say. Find out more in the following video.

Negotiating strategies in Poland

How should you conduct negotiations with Polish business partners? How should you react to vage answers or the fact that your negotiation partners speak Polish among each other? You will know after watching the following video.