Great Britain

First business appointment in Great Britain

How do Brits start a first business appointment? What should you pay attention to when using British Business English? Find out more about your British business partners in our video “First business appointment in Great Britain”.

Meetings in Great Britain

What is the purpose of meetings in Great Britain? How do British business people conduct a discussion? What should you pay attention to when holding a presentation? The video “Meetings in Great Britain” provides essential information about meeting your British business partners.

Leisure activities in Great Britain

The British feel very comfortable in a team and therefore like to surround themselves informally with people who enjoy the same things. In larger companies you will find many societies, clubs as well as charity activities. Do take part! Besides sport is the perfect small talk topic for your British business partners. Find out more in our video!

British behaviour in public

Please queue! Don’t smoke in public places! Show your good manners in public! Our video provides top tips when doing business in Great Britain.

The flow of information in British organisations

Different expectations regarding how and when to provide information can quickly lead to disputes in binational cooperations. How do British business people gather information, how do they provide information? Find out more in the following videoon information flow in British organisations.

Understatement in British business life

Understatement is a well known aspect of British business life. Let’s have a closer look what is behind it. Which behaviour is appropriate? What would be considered as bad manners? Find out more in our video.