Facial expressions and gestures in France

Have you ever wondered why the French enjoy controversial discussions? And why do they let their gaze wander around while talking to you? Find out more about your French business partners by watching our video “Facial expressions and gestures in France”.

First business appointments in France

Why do your French business partners suddenly change from English into French when discussing an important business matter? And do you understand the relevance of a business meal just after a meeting? Our video “First business appointment in France” gives an insight into the specifics of French business culture.

Meetings in France

Do you know how the French differ between an internal meeting and a decision-making meeting? And do you know how the right moment to start the meeting is being indentified? Find out more in our video “Meetings in France”.

Presentations in France

Why does the French CEO join a meeting to listen to a presentation although he hasn’t been invited to do so? What went wrong when your French business partners are checking their emails while you are performing a presentation? Watch the following video to find out what really matters when presenting in a French business setting.

Visitors from France

Never talk about money with your French guests when it comes to a private invitation. Did you know that? And that in France one better doesn’t bring a bottle of wine as a gift for the host? More interesting facts about your French guests are presented in our video “Visitors from France”.

Agreements and contracts in France

Topic of the following video is how to deal with contracts and agreements with your French business partners. We also have a closer look on how to define a deadline in a contract from a French point of view.

Business meals in France – Between pear and cheese

The expression „entre la poire et la fromage“ – „between pear and cheese“ describes the moment at the dinner table when the person responsible draws up a type of resumé of results. What does that mean for your business relations with French partners? Find out more in the following video.

Voicing criticism, solving conflicts in France

If criticism has to be expressed, it is wise to remember that the French often identify strongly with the contents of their work: „If my paper is criticised then I am being personally criticised“. How you say something and in what tone of voice are therefore important allies of criticism. Our next video shows how to deal best with criticism and conflicts in the French business culture.

Deadlines and dates in the French business culture

As a polychronic nation, your French business partner’s attitude to time limits is governed more by the degree of urgency rather than long-term planning in advance. Find our more in the following video on deadlines and dates in the French business culture.

French discussion culture

Foreign managers in France are often surprised that things which had been decided already are suddenly being discussed once more. Or that discussions take a long time because new ideas are continually brought up. The French seem to go round in circles instead of reaching a decision. Find out more in our video on the French discussion culture.