People's Republic of China

Facial expressions and gestures in China

Your Chinese business partners will scarcely ever show what they are just thinking. Their facial expressions and gestures in business life are very unexpressive and monotonous. Find out more in our video!

Communication in China

The Chinese orientation to relationships is clearly perceived in all other business communication as well. Not the deal itself, but the people are in the center of a conversation. Find out more in our video on communication in China.

Negotiations in China

For negotiations with Chinese business partners you need time, patience, flexibility, and acute attention. Find out in our video, how to be prepared for surprising changes of direction.

Business meals and after work in China

When you are in China you will certainly be invited to a meal. Look forward to this! And do not turn down invitations at very short notice. Shared meals and evening entertainment are a part of business in China.

First business meeting in China

In China there is a motto: “The better the friendship, the better the business deal” What does that mean for your business in China? Find out more about the dos and don’ts at your first appointment with Chinese business partners in our next video.

Meetings in China

From the Chinese perspective, what are meetings for? Why are people joining a meeting, when they are actually not really involved in the matter being discussed? Find the right answers and many more clues about your Chinese partners in our video on “Meeings in China”.

Presentations in China

In Chinese presentations the most important statements are made towards the end. And did you know that remaining silent can also mean to show one’s appreciation? More key facts about your Chinese business partners are explained in our film “Presentations in China”.

Visitors from China

Why are Chinese often reluctant to accept offers? What standards of service do Chinese expect to be offered in a hotel? Find answers to those questions and many more useful information about your Chinese delegation in our video “Visitors from China”.

Chinese body language

In this video we want to find out how a severe face, silence or a smile should be understood in China. Furthermore we want to give you some tips regarding the gestures you should avoid when communicating with your Chinese business partners.