Arab Gulf States

Communication in the Arab Gulf States

Gulf Arabs speak circuitously, are very skilled with words, and have at times a very flowery way of expressing themselves. So only very slowly do you get down to the business intentions.

Negotiations in the Arab Gulf States

In the Arab Gulf States, the initial negotiations are generally very comprehensive and lay the foundations for long-term business connections. The personal relationship between business partners is most important. Without trust there is no deal.

First business meeting in the Arab Gulf States

Do you know what to expect when travelling to a first business appointment in an Gulf Arabic country? How should you present your company and your products? These and many more questions will be answered in our video “First business appointments in the Arab Gulf States”.

The Arab operating system IBM

“Inshallah”, “Bukra”, and “Malesh” are set expressions that will reach your ears several times a day in Arabic-speaking countries. Because of their conspicuously frequent use it is popular to refer to the “Arabic operating system IBM”. But can anything concrete be derived from that?

Facial expressions and gestures in the Arab Gulf States

In communication with Gulf Arabs you should observe exactly whether the spoken word and the body language are harmonious with each other. If that is not the case, give added attention to the body language. Facial expressions and gestures often speak volumes.

Meetings in the Arab Gulf States

Do you know what to expect at a business meeting in an Gulf Arabic country? Why is patience so important if you want to do business over there? Answers to these questions as well as further information about your Gulf Arab business partners you will find in our video “Meetings in the Arab Gulf States”.

Businesswomen in the Arab Gulf States

Is equality between men and women at all possible in the Arab Gulf states? What is it that decides whether and to what level women can participate in business? There is not set answer to any of these questions. A more nuanced approach is required.