United States of America

First business meeting in the USA

Open, friendly and optimistic: these characteristics best describe the general attitude of US-American business people. If you want to do business in the United States successfully, you should present yourself as being full of confidence and positive.

Visitors from the USA

Do you know what your US-American guests expect apart from an outstanding service? Maybe an interesting sightseeing programme? Or a meal in a nice restaurant? Some essential information about visitors from the US are presented in our next video.

Meetings in the USA

In US-American companies quite a few meetings take place every week with the goal of bringing everyone up to speed. Usually these meetings are brief, efficient and team-oriented.

Presentations in the USA

Do you know what is really important in the USA when conducting a presentation? What does k.i.s.s. mean? No? In that case you shouldn’t miss our video “Presentations in the USA”!

Negotiations in the USA

US-Americans are usually well-trained negotiators. They will know their target and work for it. Find out more in the following video!

Communication in the USA

The main characteristics of the US-American communication style can be summed up in a catchy motto: Hard on facts, soft on people. US-Americans communicate clearly and directly on the matter, but are always polite and friendly to the person.

Greeting each other in the USA

How do you greet visitors that you meet at a trade show in the USA? And why should you always keep in mind that in the USA time is money? Find out more in the next video.

Presenting in the USA

Presentations for an US-American audience need to be short, concise and goal-oriented. Always emphasise on the practical aspects. How to prepare the perfect presentation for the US-market will be shown in the following video.