First business visit to Mexico

Your Mexican partners will start a meeting with informal conversation. It is most important to them to get to know you better on a personal level. Business is in Mexico absolutely personal! Find out more in our video “First business visit to Mexico”!

The Mexican way of working

Mexicans have a polychronic working style. Multitasking is normal and their attention is often divided. How do you cope if you yourself are working rather monochronically? Find out in our video about “The Mexican way of working”!

Dining at a restaurant

What should you expect when visiting a restaurant in Mexico? How do Mexicans order food? How do they drink tequila? Find out more in our video “Dining in a restaurant in Mexico”!

Greeting and saying goodbye

How do Mexicans greet each other? How do they say goodbye? And what should you do if you think your Mexican partners are coming to close? Learn more in our video “Greeting and saying goodbye”!

Negotiation strategy

Long-term, trusting relationships are the top priority for your Mexican business partners. You should always keep that in mind when negotiating. Find out more in our video “Negotiation strategy in Mexico”!