Expressing criticism in Brazil

While criticism in some cultures is a means of communication which improves processes and services, in Brazil it is principally perceived negatively. Criticism is often immediately understood as a personal attack. But how should one express criticism then? Find out more in the following video.

The flow of information in Brazilian companies

Despite the abundant communication taking place in Brazilian companies, this unfortunately does not guarantee that you will always be informed on all significant matters. How to gather and pass on information in Brazilian business is topic of the following video.

Presentations in Brazil

Let’s have a look what is important when presenting in front of a Brazilian audience. Benefit from many tips in our video “Presentations in Brazil”.

Written agreements in Brazil

In this video you will subsequently learn which steps you should take in order to put agreements you have reached with your Brazilian business partners down in writing.

Facial expressions and gestures in Brazil

Do you know any Brazilian gestures? Can you read the facial expressions of your Brazilian business partners correctly? What does finger snapping mean? Find out more about this topic in our video “Facial expressions and gestures in Brazil”.

First business appointment in Brazil

Did you know that the CEO of a Brazilian company is always adressed as “Doctor”? How important are personal relationships in the Brazilian business world? Find answers to these and many more questions regarding your Brazilian business partners in our video “First business appointment in Brazil”.

Meetings in Brazil

What else than football makes a good small talk topic in Brazil? When do you hand over your business card? How about the Brazilian ability to speak about several things simultaneously? Our video “Meetings in Brazil” provides you with many useful information about your Brazilian business partners.

Visitors from Brazil

Did you know that for Brazilians one hour is just a little longer than for you? And that they are rather short-term oriented as well? They also consider hierarchies to be very important. What does all that mean for you when receiving guests from Brazil? Find out more in our video “Visitors from Brazil”.

Dress codes in Brazil

Become familiar with what to wear in order to be correctly dressed when doing business in Brazil. Our video explains dress codes for business men and women as well as for specific occasions.