Our Philosophy

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Imagine you are asked to play a simple song on the guitar at an upcoming family celebration, but you have never held a guitar in your hands before. So you go to a guitar teacher to learn how to play that simple song. The teacher starts explaining general music theory. However, to play that song you actually need to learn only four chords. Moreover, you don’t have any artistic ambitions further on.

In spite of teaching you just the four chords necessary, the teacher expects you to study the whole subject of music theory first. Too much effort considering the fact that you just want to play this one simple song at this one occasion, don’t you think?

Four chords or general music theory?

We are happy to teach you these four chords only if you do not need any more in the short-term, or otherwise music theory in full if this is important for your long-term success. In other words, we carefully look at what kind of support you and your employees really require and adjust our approach accordingly.

Is one of your staff members going on a short business trip abroad very soon? Then we definitely offer practical advice on the most important dos and don’ts. Any member of an international team or any executive though, who is being sent abroad for a couple of years, certainly needs a more fundamental, deeper knowledge of the target culture in order to be successful.

Custom-fit- and practice-oriented solutions

Our product portfolio ranges from the smallest unit of video learning to our modular e-learning courses to our intensive classroom trainings, coachings, workshops as well as blended learning solutions. The 24/7 online support platform www.crossculture-academy.com with over 500 videos and articles as well as the internet hotline are included with almost all classroom trainings and coachings. This is because we would like to assist our clients not only on a one-off basis, but also when the majority of questions arise: during their international day-to-day business.

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