Our Country Experts

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Each training or coaching differs regarding the requirements of the participants and the content to be provided. Therefore, we will carefully identify a matching expert. This is the high standard we have set for us!

Of course all our country experts have a deep knowledge of the target culture. Additionally, we will find the one who contributes personal experience in our client’s industry as well as excellent methodology and didactic skills to achieve an optimum training and learning. We work with over 400 multilingual country experts from all around the world, who are active in various sectors of science and business.

By the way, not only our trainings and coachings benefit from this interdisciplinary approach. All of our services are developed based on our cross-cultural expertise as well as our didactic skills. Classroom training, e-learning course or our 24/7 online support – only expertise in various disciplines can guarantee the highest quality.

Our Trainer Navigator

In order to select the perfect country expert for a scheduled training or coaching we don’t rely on subjective experiences or simply our gut feeling, but have developed a quality management tool that precisely evaluates certain competences an expert should be able to provide.

Our Trainer navigator quantifies the qualification features of our trainers and country experts, such as previous coaching and training experience, methodology and didactic skills, sources of knowledge as well as international and professional experiences. The data is gathered via a multistage score system and results in a Navigator-Index (NVI).

Personal factors inevitably play a significant role in any selection process as well, however, they are complemented by this systematic analysis. It is rather, that the Trainer Navigator serves as the basis of any personal decision, and therefore allows a full picture of the suitability of any country expert. Moreover, industry specific expertise that might be required for a specific training or coaching is considered as well.

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