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Virtuelle Kommunikation

Do you know the feeling when you wish to have somebody you could quickly ask for advice? Actually, in international business situations this is quite common. The time to prepare for business negotiations, a meeting or a business trip abroad is usually short. And all of a sudden you are right in the center of events, however, you don’t really know what to do next. Even those who had a cross-cultural training before will relatively soon notice that the majority of questions arise in daily business life.

Most comprehensive B2B online portal for cross-cultural training and development

This is how our vision of the crossculture academy developed. We would like to assist you in your international work wherever you are right now and regardless whether you need a quick and tangible piece of advice or an intensive long-term preparation for your target culture. It is most important to us to meet your requirements and that you can always rely on our support – anytime and anywhere.

Our vision has become reality. You are looking at the most comprehensive B2B online portal for cross-cultural training and development. We offer you the perfect combination of classroom trainings, online services and e-learning solutions.

Your one-stop-partner for global business

Approximately 500 country specific and topical videos and articles, culture insights by email subscriptions, interactive coaching sessions, an internet hotline, useful link tips and much more provide prompt assistance in international business situations – whenever and wherever needed. Every month we add new content to continually expand and optimize the crossculture academy. We look at the actual needs arising from daily business experiences our internationally active clients and their employees make. Our top priority is to be your one-stop-partner in global business.

Straightforward and hands-on

The philosophy behind this is to ensure that our clients always get what they really need in a constantly changing international business world. Therefore, we believe in the flexible combination of a permanently accessible online platform with e-learning and classroom trainings based on the challenges that companies and their employees currently face. All developed in a way that real-life application is taken into consideration when focusing on fundamental cross-cultural know-how.

In other words, our objective is cross-cultural training and development that is straightforward, hands-on, and above all sustainable.

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