Cross-cultural E-learning & Blended Learning


If you wish to learn independently from time and space and in your own personal rhythm, you need flexible training opportunities that nevertheless meet high standards and provide efficient solutions to develop your skills. Our e-learning courses meet exactly these requirements! These self-paced trainings developed with the expertise of our country experts enable you to provide internationally working employees with further training that easily integrates into their daily work routine. And that is with very little expense and organizational effort.

Learning environment

The e-learning courses consist of various media components, such as texts, videos, interactive elements and tests. This broad range combined with methodical and didactic expertise leads to an efficient and comprehensive development of skills. The intuitive learning environment of our learning platform ensures that the courses run properly on various operating systems and devices. Apart from that the e-learning courses can be integrated into a company’s own training system and adjusted to customer-specific requirements. The modern learning environment ensures a pleasant handling of the courses, including a support hotline, tracking capabilities and a final test for all participants.

General awareness course

The general awareness course introduces the user to the topic of cross-cultural communication in small doses of theoretical and practical features. The focus is on discussing the term “culture”, which leads the user to reflect on his own culture and thus to a better understanding of what distinguishes the own culture from other cultures. This is exemplified by detailed aspects and models without losing touch with practice. A profound general awareness provides the basis for subsequently dealing with the peculiarities of individual cultures.

Country-specific courses

The country-specific e-learning courses convey the most important aspects of successfully establishing business contacts and cooperating with business partners and colleagues from various cultures in five chapters.

  • Initial business contact
  • Communication and impact
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Negotiations, decisions and contracts
  • Coordination and cooperation
  • Business meals and after work

Checking your knowledge

Every chapter of the courses finishes with an interactive quiz, where the participant can check their newly gained skills and get feedback on their answers.

Individual e-learning courses

Along with the existing e-learning courses we create individual courses and training programs that are tailored according to the wishes and requirements of our clients. Together with you, we discuss your specific cross-cultural challenges and work out your relevant topics and requirements. Having done this, we derive the learning objectives in order to create your custom training program with suitable e-learning courses.


We also enjoy designing and developing individual web based trainings for our clients. If requested, we can present the courses in your individual layout or corporate design. Furthermore, it is possible to implement our e-learning courses into your corporate learning management system.

Blended learning

Our e-learning courses present a perfect stand-alone solution when having to prepare for a culture at short notice. The contents come from selected country experts covering all the important aspects for a pleasant and successful cooperation with business partners from other cultures. At the same time, the e-learning courses are developed in such a way that they can easily be linked to further learning formats, such as:

  • E-learning course – teambuilding (classroom training) – 24/7 platform support
  • E-learning course – webinar – 24/7 platform support
  • E-learning course – virtual training/coaching – 24/7 platform support

Want to find out more? Please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your specific e-learning requirements.