Cross-cultural Trainings


We offer high-quality cross-cultural classroom trainings for over 140 target countries. Furthermore, all our participants benefit from the unique combination of a classroom training and the use of our 24/7 online support platform before and after the training. 3-month access to the support platform is included in the price for every participant!

Crossculture academy offers the full range of cross-cultural classroom activities, i.e.

  • Excecutive briefings
  • Individual trainings
  • Group trainings
  • Multilingual trainings
  • Moderation

In order to meet your requirements precisely, we develop every training activity made-to-measure. We focus on your topics and country specific priorities with a very practical attitude. Following your briefing, we examine closely what your employees really need to be successful in their current international activities, and develop an individual program accordingly. Even during the classroom training we can flexibly adjust, should new topics and requirements arise.

Therefore, we can guarantee that our participants learn what they actually require for their everyday work. To ensure that the newly gained knowledge can immediately be implemented, we also work on strategies how to apply newly formed cross-cultural skills to day-to-day business situations. This increases the sustainability of our trainings considerably.

Our training methods

“Dead through PowerPoint?” – Not with us. We apply various methods and media to create an easy to digest blend of knowledge transfer, trial and error experiences, reflection, training and application to daily working routines.

Every activity requires a different blend of training methods:

  • We provide answers through short presentations, mini-lectures, texts, videos, etc.
  • We allow personal experiences through simulations, exercises, case examples, role-plays, etc.
  • We promote reflection through case studies
  • We develop solutions by applying knowledge to specific real-life situations, creating road maps and checklists
  • We support the build-up of core competencies through coaching methods or models of personality
  • We work on sustainable changes by providing practical support via our cross-cultural online platform whenever new challenges arise

Would you like to know more about our various cross-cultral classroom trainings? Please contact us. We are happy to talk to you!