Other Cross-cultural Products


With our diversified and active network of 400 country experts, who work in other disciplines of business and science alongside their activity with crossculture academy, we can offer you highly customized trainings, coachings and workshops. Just a few examples:

Cross-cultural team development

Cross-cultural differences present great challenges in multi-national teamwork, but different perspectives and approaches can also lead to great results if the team is set up wisely. In 4 to 6 days, an cross-cultural team is put together, adopting common rules for cooperation. Communication develops organically.

In a bi-national team, it’s best to carry out mono-cultural trainings first, for a more complete understanding of each other’s national culture. Here stereotypes can be explored to open up discussions. After a reasonable time all team members are gathered together. Now they are not speaking to each other, but with each other. The team reflects on what they have learned and what common rules they have worked out for ideal future cooperation.

It is also possible to replace the mono-cultural training with e-learning units.

Cross-cultural mediation

When a conflict between employees of different cultures is solved, cooperation flourishes again. A professional mediation process brings an international team back on track.

Through cross-culturally adapted mediation methods, cooperation becomes again a co-operation. Interests and needs are separated and systems are integrated, with our experienced mediators help along the way.

Cross-cultural subject workshops

With the support of our country and industry experts, offering workshops in certain subjects can help a team develop an cross-culturally appropriate strategy.

Typical workshop topics include:
  • Marketing
  • Virtual Team Communication
  • Personnel selection
  • Receiving international guests and delegations
  • Quality assurance
  • International Occupational Safety
  • Cross-cultural English
  • Patient management

Depending on requirements, most of our workshop topics are of course available as a short Executive Briefing or custom virtual consulting. Contact us!

Preparation for a trade fair appearance abroad

In preparation of a trade fair appearance abroad there should be some basic considerations. Competition in the international market is high. It is therefore most important to have a country-specific strategy ready, how to communicate your unique selling point in a concise and convincing manner. The international framework also requires cross-cultural skills that significantly influence the success of your trade fair presence and your product presentation to an international audience.

We support you in the preparation and execution of your trade fair appearance in an international context. From budget planning to stand or brochure design to communication trainings and kick-off events directly at the trade fair – we make sure that you are most successful!

We know that every client’s requirements are different. Our cross-cultural services are made-to-measure. Please contact us! We are looking forward to meeting you!