Cross-cultural Coachings


Unfortunately, not all challenges that occur during international business activities can be anticipated. However, such difficulties can gradually and most effectively be reduced by means of coaching. The coachees learn how to deal with changing circumstances and how to use his own potentials. They reduce their personal stress, gain scope for own actions, become more efficient and save time, money and nerves.

Over a certain period of time coach and coachee meet regularily in face-to-face coaching sessions. To overcome specific challenges in daily international business life, the coachee is guided by the coach to develop his/her own individual solutions. Hence, the coachee leaves each coaching session with a clear strategy that can be applied immediately. Due to the individual work on each problem solution, the sustainability of coaching is very high.

Coaching is suitable for anyone who faces change. It is in particular helpful for expatriates and their families as well as international project managers. Executives, who are usually dealing with diverse and fast-paced tasks, are benefitting equally when they have an experienced coach by their side.

At crossculture academy we offer two different coaching options:

  • Classroom coaching:
    Face-to-face coaching sessions at a time agreed upon
    Your benefit: Due to the regular sessions coach and coachee develop a close personal relationship. This increases the sustainability of the activity.
  • Virtual coaching in our coaching lounge
    Coach and coachee meet by means of VoIP or on the phone.
    Your benefit: Meeting times are more flexible and you don’t need to cover any travel costs.

Please contact us to request more information on our individual coaching options.