24/7 Online Support Platform


Cross-cultural training, coaching and consulting must be as personal and targeted as possible. Classroom trainings and personal advice are valuable. However, what if there is a lack of time to organize a coaching session or if something remains unclear after the training? After all, most questions do arise in practice.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had an assistant who would take these uncertainties away, answer your questions or help you find solutions anytime and anywhere?

There is one!

And this is the core of our services: the online platform www.crossculture-academy.com.

The login section of this comprehensive cross-cultural learning portal offers prompt, efficient and worldwide 24/7 support.

How does that work?

By …
… a comprehensive video portal with short and concise videos
… a comprehensive info portal with specialist articles
… personal online coaching by means of a specially developed tool
… microlearning elements such as our culture clues (culture specific e-mail subscriptions)
… an internet hotline that provides competent answers to culture specific and topic-related questions
… link tips and checklists
… much more.


The Info Portal

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The info portal consists of several services that help you deal with various situations in everyday work when doing business on an international level.

Country specific and topical articles

There is a large choice of articles in the article section of the info portal that are divided into countries and regions, as well as into cross-cultural business topics.

Culture clues

The culture clues are short inspiring e-mails of two to three sentences, a quote or a question about a certain culture. They remind or stimulate the subscriber to think about the cultural peculiarities of that country. These small pieces of information the subscriber receives every three days take hardly any effort, however, they have a great learning effect.


Sometimes it is not possible to attend a classroom seminar because the participants are in different places and it would take far too much organizational and financial effort to bring them together physically or it’s simply not worth it depending on the duration of the event. Webinars are an excellent alternative to participate in such events anyway by taking place in virtual classrooms.


Foreign and travel news, first contact points abroad, blogs, forums, and much more – the info portal within www.crossculture-academy.com provides the user with tips and follow-up links on topics that go beyond international business culture.

Cross-cultural Hotline

Every question will be answered! Even those that arise after a cross-cultural training has taken place. If the user comes across unclear issues or a certain situation in which he is not able to find a solution, the cross-cultural hotline is ready to provide remedy.

The user can contact our country experts directly. He can ask questions or describe a situation by e-mail. Within 24 hours, he receives an answer to his question or a recommendation how to deal with the situation he came across.



The Video Portal


The video portal is structured similarly to the info portal. It is divided into countries and specific topics, consisting of
numerous study videos. The majority of these videos are spoken by our trainers and country experts, providing practical
tips and implementable recommendations.


24/7 Online Support in Blended Learning

The login section of www.crossculture-academy.com provides the basis for our consulting activities and is included in each of our services.

The range of our solutions stretches from the smallest unit video learning to our modular e-learning courses to our intensive classroom trainings, coaching and workshops. Therefore, we are able to combine suitable learning units, i.e. a joint classroom training with an individual e-learning course in advance and a webinar to follow-up and to clarify open questions. Or alternatively, a classroom training might be accompanied and completed by virtual coaching sessions.

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