Global Mobility Solutions

Expatriates are facing very challenging tasks – after all, they set up the link between the parent company and the branch abroad. The success of foreign activities actually depends very much on the competencies and skills of the expatriates. Therefore, companies need to be able to rely on the employees they send abroad.

With our San Francisco-based Global Mobility Solutions specialist Globiana, we support your expatriates and their families with a tailored combination of training, coaching and comprehensive online support – throughout their time abroad, including preparation and return.

Preparation Training

To prepare expatriates and their families for upcoming challenges abroad, we offer a specialized preparation training with the following benefits:

  • Optimal preparation for the target country
    The expatriates are prepared for their stay abroad both with regard to personal and professional matters. The training sessions take one to two days and range from individual to family and kids trainings
  • Assistance in the overall expat life cycle
    The employees can choose to be mentored during their entire stay abroad e.g. through coaching sessions and online services. Also they will be prepared for their return back home, if required.
  • Costumized selection of country experts
    The choice of the country experts and coaches depends not only on their country expertise, but also on the professional background of the expatriates and their branch skills. A matching country expert is chosen accordingly.
  • Flexibility regarding time
    Some things need to happen quickly. Our extensive network of country experts enables us to react flexibly to sudden requests and to organize high-quality trainings in a minimum of time.

Preparation Training. Plus

The Preparation Training.Plus combines the preparation training as described above plus associated coaching. This enables the expatriates to ask questions and react to certain issues during their stay abroad. They are actively supported while abroad. This ensures that they apply their capabilities to solve problems and to develop skills that allow them to find solutions of their own accord in the future.

Coachings are held via VoIP or telephone. The price for the Preparation Training.Plus is the same as for an ordinary preparation training. The overall number of hours is divided into the preparation training and the virtual coaching hours.

Classroom Coaching

Our cross-cultural classroom coaching for expatriates is developed individually according to the needs of the coachees. We offer the following options of classroom coaching for expatriates:

Before the Leave:
  • Decision coaching – clarifies whether going abroad is desirable, whether it is going to include the family and what consequences arise.
  • Expat career coaching – clarifies career expectations or chances during and after being abroad
  • Partner coaching – supports spouses/partners who remain in their home country while the expatriates are working abroad
In the target country:
  • Support coaching – supports expatriates while being aborad (culture shock, daily working routine, cooperation with local colleagues)
  • Expat partner coaching – supports accompanying spouses/partners (problems arising from separation during the week, culture shock, carreer and family issues)
After the Return:
  • Repatriate coaching – supports the integration of the expatriates back home (return into the company, reverse culture shock)
For foreign employees and executives in Germany:
  • Impat coaching – supports foreign employees and executives (cooperation with German colleagues, culture shock)
  • Impat reverse coaching – supports foreign employees and executives when they return to their home country (company, reverse culture shock)
  • Impat career coaching – supports foreign employees and executives’ career planning (in Germany and back home)
  • Impat partner coaching – supports spouses/partners of foreign employees and executives (culture shock, relevant life, family and career issues)
Special Coaching for executives:
  • Executive coaching – supports executives abroad (developing a culturally adequate leadership)
  • Impat executive coaching – supports executives from abroad (developing culturally adequate leadership in Germany)

Global Mobility Support Platform

With interactive coaching, live workshops and a coach hotline, our Global Mobility Support Platform Globiana offers expatriates and their families targeted support in all phases of an assignment. Of course, all articles, videos and e-learning courses of  crossculture academy are also available for intercultural competence in the target country.

Wrap around care

With our wrap around care we assist expatriates and their families from the preparation for the move to their daily routine abroad to their return back home. All members of the family benefit from suitable classroom trainings, solution oriented coachings as well as our dedicated 24/7 online support to address any issues that may arise during life and work abroad.

The cornerstones of this all inclusive package are the following:

  • Training
  • Coaching
  • 24/7 online support

Please contact us to discuss the individual requirements of your expatriates or impatriates and their families.