Cultural differences Ghana

Ghana can be seen as an anchor of stability in West Africa and is therefore quite an attractive location for foreign investors. However, it is essential to know about cultural factors in business life.

Wie hoch ist die Zahlungsmoral Ihrer ausländischen Partner?

Wie groß die Chancen für Unternehmen sind, in den 50 wichtigsten Handelsnationen der Welt Zahlungseingänge für ausstehende Rechnungen zu verbuchen, untersucht der Kreditversicherer Euler Hermes in seiner aktuellen Studie „Collection Complexity Score and Rating“.

Cultural Differences – Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the key to understanding how first meetings, negotiations and collaborations with Dutch business people work best is to embrace egalitarian thinking.

Cultural Differences – Southeast Asia

Repetition emphasizes importance! If you take this principle into account, then you will be able to correctly interpret the circular course of conversation of your Southeast Asian business partners.

Kulturelle Unterschiede Finnland

Finnen gelten als die weltbesten Zuhörer. Mit ihrer großen Bescheidenheit und frei von jeglichem Selbst-Marketing sind sie sympathische Geschäftspartner, die in ihrer Kompetenz jedoch leicht unterschätzt werden.

Cultural Differences – Mexico

Good relationships at the highest levels are paramount in Mexican business culture. If relationships are well-tended, future cooperation is practically guaranteed.

Cultural differences Russia

At first glance, the Russian mentality seems closed. But Russians only focus on the personal level: Only when a relationship is established will Russians be able to laugh from the bottom of their hearts.