United States of America

No one does small talk better than US-Americans. It is most important to them to create a friendly atmosphere before they get straight to the point. So first chat away a bit, then go down to business.

Cultural Differences – USA

There are certain cultural characteristics that need to be considered when doing business with US-American companies. Let’s have a look at some of them!

10 tips on business culture in the USA

Our intercultural USA expert, Johanna Marius, reveals in ten applicable tips, what constitutes the US-American business culture and what you should pay attention to in order to give the impression of being capable.

Business in the USA: Thing big!

In the land of opportunity each individual can make a dream come true. However, there’s more to it than that. It is a general belief in US-American business life to always think in a visionary way and to strive for the highest possible.

US-American cultural characteristics

In order to be successful in business in the USA it is essential to learn about the culture which has developed there over the years. Which cultural values are important for the people there?

Negotiations in the USA

The success of negotiations in the US often depends on good communication and excellent self-presentation. And always aim for a win-win situation.