Sincerity and honesty are two qualities ​​that are highly valued in the Swedish business culture. Both people and things should be trustworthy and reliable.

Cultural Differences – Sweden

At first glance, Swedish business culture seem easy-going. However, when it comes to leadership, decision-making, and project management, there are certain characteristics that are important.

How to understand Swedish signals

The Swedish style of communication is regarded as one of the most indirect in the world. That means it is good advice if all of your antennae are sensitive and you read between the lines.

Negotiations in Sweden

Sweden is a society based on consensus, and so there is an attempt in negotiations, even between negotiating rivals, to find the best possible results for both sides.

Successful business in Scandinavia

In Scandinavia, a calm, well thought-out approach is generally considered to be the most efficient way of completing a task. Scandinavians learn conceptual and analytical thinking in schools. This suits anyone who approaches business matters in an objective and fact-orientied way.