People's Republic of China

The rules of conduct in the Chinese business culture are not easy to understand. However, anyone who is willing to take a closer look at the Chinese way of thinking will work successfully in China.

Cultural Differences – China

There are certain cultural characteristics that need to be considered when doing business with Chinese business partners. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Negotiations in China

Your Chinese negotiating partners expect a certain steadfastness from you. Never give in too quickly, but show stamina!

Visitors from China

When you are hosting a delegation from China, show kindness and hospitality. Also pay attention to what services are standard from your Chinese guests’ point of view.

First business appointment in China

In a first business meeting with Chinese business partners, you should pay attention to some cultural features. For example, in terms of greeting, the correct use of Chinese names or a convincing presentation of your products.

Communication in China

In China the primary goal of business communication is to create a lasting solid relationship based on reciprocal trust and harmony. You do business with friends only, not with strangers.

The Chinese perspective

Behind the progressive face of China’s business economy are still hidden many “invisible” traditional attitudes, values and norms which are enduring and are crucial for your success.