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Cultural Differences – Poland

Whereas in some cultures collaboration is often developed on the basis of concrete facts, collaboration in Poland is deemed a success as soon as a good business relationship has been established.

Cultural Differences – France

There are certain cultural characteristics that need to be considered when doing business with French companies. Let’s have a look at some of them!

Cultural Differences – Great Britain

Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales. Despite some distinctive cultural differences with regards to the mentality of its inhabitants, one can nevertheless speak of a shared British business culture.

Cultural Differences – Sweden

At first glance, Swedish business culture seem easy-going. However, when it comes to leadership, decision-making, and project management, there are certain characteristics that are important.

Cultural Differences – Romania

Romanians are dedicated business partners, who put a lot of passion and creativity into their projects. An amicable relationship is the foundation for honest and open bi-national collaboration.

Cultural Differences – Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the key to understanding how first meetings, negotiations and collaborations with Dutch business people work best is to embrace egalitarian thinking.