Baltic States

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: Although these three countries are often considered as one entity, they differ a lot. What they have in common, however, is their political and ideological past as Soviet states and the associated collectivist way in which they used to live and work.

Cultural differences Baltic States

The Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are often regarded collectively as “the Baltic States”. On closer inspection, however, the three Baltic Sea states show differences which also have an impact on their business culture.

Cultural differences Estonia

In meetings with Estonian business partners, you will find a sophisticated project plan and a precisely timed agenda. They communicate in an objective and direct manner.

Cultural differences Latvia

Latvians get to the heart of the matter quickly in business. However, they need a lot of time for the subsequent decision-making process. The Latvian business culture relies on three things: respect, a solution-oriented approach and patience.

Cultural differences Lithuania

The best way to conclude business and project agreements with Lithuanians is to see your discussion and negotiation partners as friends. However, even friends can be tough negotiators.